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Wellness Coaching

what is it?

And what can I expect?

Wellness coaching focuses on lasting lifestyle change. We know how hard it is to change your lifelong habits, so we encourage self-reflection and mindfulness at the root of every area we coach. Whether it’s your diet, work/life balance, stress levels, or just your relationship with healthy living, we help you uncover what’s been keeping you from making a meaningful change. Understanding yourself, your behaviors, and why certain things work or don’t will make your wellness so much easier to accomplish.


Each session is catered to you – what you’d like to improve on, understand better, or simply explore. Common session requests are diet exploration, digestive struggles, stress management, emotional eating, and building healthier habits, but rest assured that whatever you’d like to be coached on we’re happy to guide you!


Now each person’s journey with coaching will be different, but you may be encouraged to complete self-reflective exercises on your own to better understand the old habits you’re leaving behind and the new lifestyle you’re embracing. Lifelong wellness is what we’re going for, and you deserve nothing less.

Who's it for?

And will this work for me?

Wellness coaching is ideal for those who are ready for true habit change. They’re not looking for a quick-fix that will leave them back at square one three weeks later. We encourage you to take the time to understand why your current habits may not be serving you and, in turn, help you discover new ones that will. If you’re ready to gain a better understanding of yourself, open to learning about new healthy behaviors that work for you, and want to achieve a lifestyle you can implement long-term then you’re perfect for our coaching.


Will our process work for you? That’s up to you. Everything we know about healthy habits + lifestyle change is at your disposal, and we’ll encourage you to grow and practice outside of your sessions. If you’re ready for that kind of change, then we believe wellness coaching will absolutely work in your favor.

Increased self-awareness + understanding of your body

You’d be amazed at how many areas of your life are connected when it comes to feeling healthy and energized. Knowing how you go about your work day can dramatically affect your digestion. What kind of workouts you lean towards could be the reason why your stress levels are high. Through wellness coaching, you’ll discover how your day-to-day decisions affect your overall wellness. More importantly, you’ll be able to recognize the decisions that don’t serve you so you can prevent issues in the future.

More confidence + energy

How do you feel after opting for a veggie-friendly meal over a fried one? Clean and lean, right? Ever have a day (or hour) where you’re not bloated? It’s an amazing feeling! We want to give you the confidence to choose things that will leave you feeling energized, satisfied, and guiltless. Whether that’s a shift in your diet composition, how you organize your workouts, or even when you drink your caffeine, it could mean a world of difference in how you feel throughout the day. The more you lean into the wellness you deserve, the more confident you’ll be in your choices and in your life overall.

Freedom from unhealthy dieting

Low-carb sucks. Calorie counting sucks. Detoxes suck. That’s why we don’t believe in any of them. The way you eat shouldn’t detract from your life or control it. It should be intuitive and rewarding. If that’s not how you feel about your current diet situation, then you haven’t landed on the right one. Once you find a way of eating that truly serves your body, you’ll never be the same. Plus, you’ll never stress over a carb or calorie ever again.

Renewed sense of self

Imagine the happiest and healthiest version of yourself – what does she look like? What does she feel like on a daily basis? What has she come so far to achieve? Because you can have all of that. You can have the knowledge about how your body works. You can have the confidence to make healthy decisions without overthinking. Heck, you can have the same kind of energy that’s seemingly only reserved for five year-olds and group fitness instructors (if you want). We want you to be at that level, and we will do everything in our power to help you get there. Wellness: achieved!

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Client Review

``What made me excited to work with Shea was the fact that I felt like she could give me real advice that would really work with my lifestyle. She understood that I was constantly on the go and didn’t have a job where I could sit down for thirty minutes and eat a complete meal. She also understood where there would be times where I would find myself in social situations where making a healthy food decision wasn’t always the easiest and gave me advice that actually worked. Shea tailored things to my lifestyle and my goals. We worked together to come up with goals that were attainable and realistic. Of course, Shea’s knowledge on how the body works, nutrition, and how certain exercises affect me made her exceptional to work with.`` - Jen S., Columbus, OH


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