Pain Management

what is it?

And why should I try it?

Pain management focuses on functional methods for addressing muscle + joint pain. Oftentimes you’ll turn to painkillers or general practitioners hoping for some relief. And oftentimes you’re disappointed, right? That’s because nine times out of ten, those are not legitimate solutions. Low-back pain or a stiff neck can’t be cured by pain meds and, unfortunately, a lot of GP’s don’t understand muscles + joints well enough to know what’s truly causing you pain. So now you’re stuck with ibuprofen and the sage advice to “don’t do [specific exercise] ever again”. Not helpful and most likely inaccurate.


Even if you’ve turned to the typical pain practitioners like chiropractors or physical therapists, there’s a decent chance your pain will return or that their methods aren’t solving your problem. Did your practitioner explain to you why you’re in pain and how you got there? Did they give you a brief on how to prevent pain from returning in the future? At the very least, did they give you a timeline for when you can successfully stop seeing them for appointments? If you answered ‘no’ to any of those, you’re trusting the wrong people.


Through functional movement screens, trigger point therapies, and various stretching + strengthening techniques, we help your body reset itself so you can return to pain-free living.


We believe you should know exactly what’s causing your pain, how your body got to that point, what we’re going to do to help fix it, and what you can do on your own to prevent it from returning in the future. And the best part is, we won’t keep you handicapped for our own sake. We want you back out in the world moving well and living pain-free without us!

Who's it for?

And will this work for me?

If you’ve tried the traditional methods like stretching, yoga, or visiting with a chiropractor/physical therapist and nothing is really sticking, then our functional approach just might be for you. Our pain management sessions are most helpful to those with “out-of-the-blue” pain (non-injury related – please go see a doctor for that), activity-related pains, or anyone with a 9-5 whose bodies are suffering because of their desk jobs.


Pain is very personalized, and while some cases are more common and easily helped, we can’t tell for sure what methods will be most appropriate until after we perform various screens. At the very least, we always equip our clients with tools and resources that will educate them on how their pain originated and what they can do on their own to minimize it. If, for some reason, the pain you’re experiencing is beyond our scope of practice, we have a referral network of highly qualified and recommended professionals that will give you the direct help you need.

Clarity on why you’re in pain + how you got there

This is a very important step when it comes to treating people’s pain. The better you can understand what’s going on and how, the easier it will be to navigate. We know how frustrating it is when you seek help and all you’re met with is “your muscles are tight”. That explains nothing, and as a result, you’re still left in the dark. We take every step necessary to help you understand your body better and, consequently, why your body has responded with pain. When no one sheds light on that for you, you’ll never know how to prevent it in the future.

Increased knowledge on how to move + exercise better

On top of our muscle release techniques, we want to help you re-learn your body movements. Chances are your movement is dysfunctional, and now your body is crying out for help. We can help you correct that. By learning how to activate muscles properly and exercise in a way your body needs, you’ll be better equipped for the daily demands of life (plus any workouts or activities you wish to explore!).

Improved body awareness to avoid future pain

The closer you get to moving functionally and pain-free, the better you’ll understand your body. You’ll be able to perform movements pain-free and, better yet, you’ll be well-equipped to prevent + self-treat any future flare-ups. We call it total body empowerment. And you can have it, too.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Client Review

“I had suffered for four days with such bad lower back pain that I could not find a comfortable position to sit, stand or lie down – I couldn’t even sleep. When Shea suggested that I use a Lacrosse ball and roll it back and forth on the side of my hip, I’m sure I rolled my eyes. I just couldn’t imagine the side of my hip having anything to do with my lower back. I was WRONG!! And Shea is AMAZING! Within 16 hours of my first session with her I was completely pain free. I can still hardly believe it and I just want to thank you so much for the depth of knowledge you used to help me.”


UPDATE: “I just wanted to reach out and let you know that, thanks to Shea, I am still able to manage my own back pain. Almost a year ago, she helped me discover for myself that I could use a Lacrosse ball to find my trigger point and thus relieve my lower back pain. Well, a couple times over this past summer I needed to use that knowledge when I had overdone it working in my garden. I cannot thank you enough for empowering me to do so and consequently saving me money at the Doctor’s office. Wow! Thank you, again!” – Jill S., Chicago, IL


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