Fitness Coaching

what is it?

And how is it different from hiring a trainer?

Fitness coaching focuses on exercise education more than hiring someone to train you. Although your coach, Shea, is a certified personal trainer, she understands that some people don’t need the same kind of demonstration or supervision that a trainer would provide. Through fitness coaching, you’ll learn how to design your own workout programs, what exercises are best for your body, and how to modify exercises on your own. Should you so choose, you could end your coaching journey knowing as much about designing workouts as some personal trainers!


Some sessions may require video or in-person formats for exercise form checks, movement screens, or help with modifications. This is to ensure you’re exercising in a safe + efficient manner on your own, if you’re not regularly meeting with us in-person.

Who's it for?

And will this work for me?

If you have a basic background with exercising, want to be more independent on your fitness journey, and simply need some expertise then you’re in the right place. Whether you want to finally overcome your weak core, become a better runner, or simply want to build a better fitness foundation, we have the ability to help with almost any fitness goal. Check out our About page to read more about Shea’s background to make sure she’s a good fit for your goals.

Confidence in the gym + fitness classes

We’ve all been there – the gym is a scary place for a newbie. Mostly due to the fact that no one’s standing by ready to discreetly tell you how to use each machine. Never mind showing up to a fitness class having no idea how to do any of the exercises properly. With fitness coaching, we can prepare you for any workout scenario so you can confidently work the machines, free weights, and any other workout apparatus you can think of. Gym-timidation? Gone.

No pushy package upsells

Being pushed into a long-term package with a trainer is always uncomfortable, and even more so when you know you have an uncomplicated goal or just need some guidance. What’s even worse is that most people don’t even need to complete such a high quantity of sessions to reap the benefits. With us, you’re in charge of deciding how much or how little coaching your goals require. As long as you complete your fitness journey feeling confident and have succeeded happily, that’s all we push for.

Untapped fitness potential

Once you succeed in accomplishing one fitness goal with us, you’d be surprised at how many other challenges you’ll be ready to conquer! We make sure you leave with a rock solid foundation of fitness so that you can go on to tackle any fitness goal your heart desires. Who knows? You might finally go from ‘couch to marathon’ next year!

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Client Review

``Shea helped hold me accountable for my progress while being neither ‘too pushy’ nor ‘too easy’. She understood that I have a very demanding schedule - including travel and weeks away - but that I was also very committed to my health and fitness. She struck the right balance in providing leadership and support. She is killer smart, has a quick wit and great sense of humor. And still, I have never had a trainer or fitness/yoga instructor who was more serious about her work and our success. I achieved results that exceeded my expectations in a short period of time - and had fun in the process. In over 35 years of ‘working out’ at clubs, classes, with countless instructors and trainers...good and bad...Shea is the absolute best. She is serious, expert, focused on body mechanics, dynamics and your psyche...and she’s fun. My only regret is that she would not move to Florida with me. She is one in a million. `` - Kim J., St. Petersburg, FL


Looking for more?

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